Cultivating the practice of Biomimicry in Colorado by connecting local people to:

learn from nature

cross-pollinate innovative ideas

inspire locally attuned design

for accelerating the path to a regenerative human impact on our state.

our gang on an interpretive walk

our gang on an interpretive walk


As a Regional Network of Biomimicry 3.8, we are a local network to support and connect a community of local people in all industries, arts, education and businesses to the natural world through the practice of Biomimicry  by learning to adapt “inspired by nature” design concepts to their respective fields of expertise.

Our network is based on the perspective of “Play”.  Many organisms in nature learn / work / grow by play.  We decided to begin our network just by "play" and having fun, interactive learning opportunities as a way for us to be connected to other folks here in Colorado and spread the meme of Biomimicry!

“From the time I realized that animals and birds play merrily and frequently, wildlife and wild places appealed to me with intensified interest. 

The otter builds a slide on which to play and the solemn grizzly bear plays merrily alone.  Birds dance and play.  Play appears to be a common and enlivening and beneficial habit in the entire world of wildlife.”      –Enos Mills, (He fought to preserve the area around Longs Peak as a national park, now known as Rocky Mountain National Park).


Solar panels design that emulates leaf design

Solar panels design that emulates leaf design


Biomimicry is the practice of learning from and emulating life’s genius to create more efficient, elegant, and sustainable designs.  It is a problem-solving method, a sustainability ethos, an innovation approach, a change movement, and a new way of viewing, valuing and learning from nature.